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Ensuring kids parties are a success

When you start overseas Nanny jobs, you’ll no doubt want to impress. After all, there’s stiff competition for the best jobs and if you’re to enjoy lasting success, it’s important you really pull out all the stops and show your skills.

For example, if you’re tasked with planning kids’ parties for the family you work for, you’ll need to put on a good show. The good news is, if you’re stuck for ideas, there’s plenty of information and advice available online. Of course, you’ll have to take into account any cultural differences that may exist when you’re preparing for the events, but this shouldn’t be too difficult. [Read more…]

Funny phrases from our children :)

Denis aged 3

Just one of the joys of working with children, they say the funniest things!

D: ‘Do you know why I love my Mummy?’

‘No, why?’

D: ‘Because she’s a girl. And boys love girls’


Anna aged 4 after lunch

‘I’m full. My stomach is big like Mummy’s!’ – who is pregnant :)


Barnabus aged 4 talking about a cucumber

‘Look, it’s a surf (board)!’


Barnabus aged 4 singing a popular Christmas song

‘Santa Claus is going down!’


Denis aged 4 getting ready to go outside in winter

‘Denis do you have a scarf?’

D: ‘No. Big mens don’t need scarfs, only ladies, because they might get sick!’


Sandro aged 4 pointing at a cup and saucer

‘Cup and sausage!’


Anna aged 6 after a holiday

‘I can speak Italy – ciao, bonjorno!. I have an Uncle in the Kiev, he speaks Kievsky’


Avani aged 5

‘Avani, where do eggs come from?’

A: ‘From the shop!’


Sasha aged 4

‘What else do bunny rabbits eat?’



Katya aged 7

‘Oh Katya you have a new coat!’

K: ‘No it’s not new, it’s red!’


Nastya aged 5 on the toilet

‘Nastya, what are you doing number 1 or number 2?’

N: ‘Number 5!’


Ulyana aged 5

‘Ulyana what does your Daddy do?’

U: ‘He buys lollies!’


Denis aged 4

‘Denis would you rather march quickly or sit down?’

D: ‘RUN!’


Rodya aged 8 looking at a girl in a pretty purple dress

‘I love purple. And girls. I love girls in purple!’


Sasha aged 3 had a number 1 accident

‘Sasha, why didn’t you tell me you needed the toilet’

S: ‘I was very busy’


Valya aged 7

‘I am the hungry caterpillar, big and fat!’


Denis aged 4 says to his Nanny as he is getting ready to go for a fun day out

‘Look, I packed some spare underwear and trousers for you in case you have an accident’


Vanya aged 5

‘Mama, laugh in English!’


Two 4 year old boys:

‘Let’s go to the seaside when we are 5’

‘But I am only 4 and a half’

‘Me too! When we are 5, we will go!’


Gosha aged 6:

G: ‘Mummy, where are the dinosaurs?’

‘They lived on earth a long time ago before people’

G: ‘Did they live in our flat before us?!’


Sandric aged 5

S: ‘Mummy, does Daddy have a girlfriend?’

‘No, I’m his girlfriend.’

S: ‘No you’re not, you’re just Mummy!’


Grisha aged 5

G: ‘What cars do they make in Africa?’

‘They dont have factories to make cars’

G: ‘Only factories to make animals?!’


Valya aged 4:

‘We can do it threegether!’


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